Nandaya si De Lima: Former MMDA chair Tolentino asks to unseat De Lima

Former Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chair Francis Tolentino on Thursday filed an election protest and asked the Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) to oust Sen. Leila De Lima over the poll fraud.

“It (cheating) was with the electronic transmission. There probably was double transmission,” Tolentino said.

“If you saw the results, the margin of votes between the first place to the 12th place was only about 80,000 votes. But when it came to the 13th place, the margin became so big,” Tolentino added.

Tolentino attended the preliminary conference done by the SET at the Supreme Court (SC) on Tuesday. 

According to Tolentino, he already passed the affidavits of the witnesses about the case.

De Lima already responded to his complaint and denied his allegation. But Tolentino insists that the campaign used of De Lima was from the drug money.

“That’s not true because she reportedly had drug money that fueled her campaign. There should really be no narco money involved in elections," Tolentino said.

“We are hoping that the counting of votes are done manually in the precincts and only the transmission of results is automated so that the people would really see that their votes are counted,” Tolentino added.

Right now, the SET gave Tolentino five days to response to Delima's comment.

Earlier, Tolentino lost in the senatorial election 2016. De Lima made it to the top 12th while Tolentino is in the 13th placed.

Source: Inquirer

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