Krizette on petition to remove MOCHA USON BLOG: "Please tell yourself, 'I am a huge hypocrite' my real motive is to silence all Dutertards and take away Mocha's unifying forum"

A petition to remove Mocha Uson Blog Facebook page was the new hot topic today. 

Mocha Uson is known a diehard supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte and became the voice of the unheard masses.

Paul Quilet of Manila was the one started the petition in that urging Filipinos to suspend Uson's blog. In which he accused Uson the cause for dividing the country.

Check out his post:

A writer Krizette Lau Chu posted her stance against the petition. She said before anyone signed the petition to remove Mocha's blog, they should tell themselves: "I am a huge hypocrite."

She listed in her post the possible reasons why these people wanted to suspend Mocha's page. 

Netizens agreed on Ms. Chu statements. As of posting, her post already generated 757 shares and 3,400 likes.

Might as well, read Ms. Chu post for better understanding.

Feel free to push and sign the petition to remove MOCHA USON BLOG from Facebook.

But before you do, I want you to do this. Please face the mirror and tell yourself:
"I am a huge hypocrite."

I am a hypocrite for using feminism and the term slut shaming for De Lima, but I have called Mocha Uson a bold star, and referred to her as "that bold star." Bold stars are bimbos and do not have the right to air their opinions.

I am a hypocrite for fighting for free speech--but only speech that serves me. Your idea of free speech ends where my idea of free speech begins.

I am a hypocrite for asking Facebook to remove Mocha Uson because she spreads lies, but I have not asked Facebook to remove Cynthia Patag, because she helps my cause.

I am a hypocrite because I know it is easier to just do away with Mocha Uson, because fighting misinformation with information--if I really cared about informing the public about the truth--is just too much effort.

I am a hypocrite because while I say "Never again" to Martial Law and it's absolute censorship, here I am practicing censorship.

I am a hypocrite because all I want is to hear the sound of my own voice.

I am a hypocrite because for me "taking back the internet" is the first step to destabilize this government. Stupid people--and there are plenty within my own ranks--have no right to a truly democratic platform like Facebook.

I am a hypocrite because in my heart of hearts, I believe that I am supremely intelligent and so can decipher fake news from real news, but most Filipinos are stupid, and that's dangerous to me and my status quo. I am an arrogant hypocrite because I believe my opinion matters more than the opinion of 76 percent of Filipinos. I am a hypocrite because 4 million followers are wrong, and I am right.

I am a hypocrite because I have not completely removed the deep seated Spanish friar mentality in me, to remove all opposing voices. I am a hypocrite because the Dark Ages practice of banning reading material--because I know better--should be enforced. The indios cannot decide for themselves because they are stupid, so it is my God-given right to choose what they should read. Consider it my favor to the ignorant and stupid masses.

I am a hypocrite because while I dont feel strongly about Mocha Uson, it's considered intellectual to hate on her, and I want to be included in that rarefied crowd.

I am a hypocrite, most of all, because while my fight is to silence Mocha Uson, my real motive is to silence all Dutertards and take away Mocha's unifying forum so I can destabilize this government in peace, with people none the wiser. Remove her, and I can remove the strongest opposition to my manipulation.

What can you say about this? Comment below.

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