Gordon, Lacson got furious over Matobato's unauthorized exit: “Para bang nu’ng nabuko na, biglang nawala na”

Senator Richard Gordon and Panfilo Lacson could not hide their frustrations against Edgard Matobato after leaving the Senate building without any permission before he could testify.

Gordon was informed by a note from the office of Senator Antonio Trillanes that Matobato was no longer available to answer the panel’s questions.

“Matobato had to leave so his security won’t be compromised…” Gordon read from the note.

“Para bang nu’ng nabuko na, biglang nawala na,” Gordon added.

“We are now lining up all the inconsistencies and perpetrated by Mr. Matobato,” Gordon said.

“I would like to believe, although I hate to admit this, that we were all taken for a ride by Mr. Matobato. And it’s so frustrating that after all, we’re not smarter than the first grader,” Lacson added.

Trillanes then explained that 
it was his judgment call to let Matobato leave the building because his security might be compromised.

Not yet done with their confrontation, De Lima walk out.

"The point at issue here is that we're after the truth here. ... You can't accuse the chair of bias," Gordon said.

Source: GMA

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