Elizabeth Oropesa reacts on Agot Isidro's 'psychopath' post

A post of Jacqueline Elizabeth Freeman also known as Elizabeth Oropesa slammed Agot Isidro after the latter called President Rodrigo Duterte a 'psychopath' in his Facebook post went viral.

The post of Isidro drew flak from the supporters of the president.
One of the supporter of Duterte is Ms. Elizabeth Oropesa. 

In her social media account, she showed her support to President Duterte and wrote a caption, “One of the 16 million psycopath.”

She also post a photo of her with a statement shirt that reads, “It’s a Duterte thing you wouldn't understand.”

Oropesa's post drew cheers by the netizens and some also expressed their supports to Duterte.

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See the photo below:

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