De Lima to accusers: "Invent pa more. Yung billions na yan, magiging trillions siguro yan next time"

In the ongoing House inquiry on Monday in the proliferation of illegal drugs in the New Bilibid Prison. Senator Leila De Lima gave her statements after hearing the testimonies of the witnesses.

De Lima was pointed to at least 20 witnesses that she's involved in the illegal drug trade inside the Bilibid.

Again, De Lima still denied the allegations against her involvement in drugs. 

“Sino ba talaga ang bagman ko si Ronnie Dayan o si Joenel Sanchez? Si Ragos itinuro din ng ilang witnesses,” De Lima said.

“Basta invent pa more, sige lang invent pa more. Yung billions na yan, magiging trillions siguro yan next time,” the senator added.

Earlier, De Lima driver Ronnie Dayan, former security aide Joenel Sanchez and National Bureau of Investigation Deputy Director General Rafael Ragos were tagged as the bagmen of Sen. De Lima.

Also, De Lima denied the accusation of Jaybee Sebastian against her.

“My God, Diyos ko wala akong ganun, wala akong pwedeng maging bagman ko because I never authorized that. I will never go for that. I will not be like that,” De Lima said.

“Wala hong pwedeng maging bagman for me, whether security ko, whether staff ko, whether kamag-anak ko. Wala hong pwedeng bagman dyan dahil I do not go for that, I don’t receive any drug money. I did not and will not ever receive any money from an act of corruption. i don’t engage in those acts of corruption, lalo na sa drug money,” De Lima added.

Meanwhile, inmate Jaybee Sebastian claimed that De Lima was his protector in the Bilibid.

Source: Inquirer

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