Alvarez echoes Duterte: Americans must have visa to enter the Philippines

Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez agreed to President Rodrigo Duterte proposal for the Americans to get visas when entering in the Philippines.

“If they’re not willing to grant us the same privilege, we might as well also require their citizens coming to our country to apply for a visa in our embassies,” Alvarez said.

Alverez said the country is very submissive to them so it is better to 'put them in the right place.'

Alvarez also seems confident if ever Americans required a visa because it could lead to loss of tourism income from them. He said the main part of vacationers to the Philippines originate from Korea, China, and Japan. 

In any case, he noticed that it was up to the official branch to force the visa necessity on outside nationals. 

This topic was open up after President Duterte announced the separation from the US when he was still in China.

He had reviewed that he was once denied a US visa and addressed on his purpose to visit the nation. 

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Source: Inquirer

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