Vicky Garchitorena compares Davao blast victims to those killed in anti-crime drive

Vicky Garchitorena, a known supporter of former President Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas posted on Facebook that made the netizens outraged.

Garchitorena compared the Davao blast to the suspected drug lords and criminals that were killed during the war on drugs by the Duterte administration.

In her status post, Garchitorena said that “a bomb in Davao” that killed 15 people was a only a “crime,” while the true state of lawlessness “is the 2,000 or so Filipinos who have been killed by the police and by vigilantes given free rein by Du30.”

In her Facebook page, Vicky Garchitorena wrote:

"State of lawlessness? A bomb in Davao is a crime. It does not put the entire country or even Mindanao as a whole in a state of lawlessness. Lawlessness is the 2,000 or so Filipinos who have been killed by the police and by vigilantes given free rein by Du30. Lawlessness is the Chief of Police telling drug addicts to kill their suppliers or torch their homes. Lawlessness is the web of lies being peddled by the government against anyone who dares disagree with them. It is the government officials who are committing crimes against our people! We are fortunate that Sen Leila de Lima has taken up the cudgels for the poor victims of extra judicial killings. We are fortunate that the Catholic Church and many of our catholic schools have condemned the summary killings. We are fortunate that more and more Filipinos are speaking out- against EJK; against the burial of Marcos at the LNMB; against the bullying being done by govt and its minions, including the trolls on social media. We will not be cowed into silence by the government. We will speak out. We will hold protest rallies. We will use all the powers of a free citizenry to defend human rights, the truth, justice, and our democracy."

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