Trillanes to Presidnet Duterte: "The declaration of state of lawlessness is not warranted at this time"

Senator Antonio Trillanes said that what happened in Davao City was sufficiently uproarious to thump some sense into President Rodrigo Duterte that he should not only focus in suppressing illegal drugs but instead accomplish more in intelligence work.

“The terrorist attack in Davao is a grim reminder that the illegal drug problem is not the biggest and definitely not the only national security threat to our country,” Trillanes said.

“The declaration of state of lawlessness is not warranted at this time. What is needed is less big talking and more serious intel work,” Trillanes added.

Besides being off-base on pinpointing the nation's fundamental issues, Trillanes said that Duterte blundered in his response to the bomb attack.

Duterte's addresses have seemed like a circle tape on the desperation of completing a hard and fast war against unlawful medications that he demanded was the nation's most serious issue. 

During the first two months of the administration, their war on drugs was intense. That resulted in many surrenderees and killed drug suspects.

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