Sen. Lacson to witness: 'So mali yung kwento ninyo. Yan sinabi ko eh mag testify under oath pero mali'

Senator Panfilo Lacson tried the credibility of the witness, Edgar Matobato at the third Senate hearing.

Lacson told Matobato that he should tell the truth because his under oath and he may face charges if he's lying.

“Hindi ito biro-biro kasi puwede kayong makulong. Binalaan kayo ng chairperson na ang sasabihin ninyo [ay] under oath, wala pa naman kayong immunity,” Lacson said.

“Wala kayong judicial immunity na malilibre sa kaso at gagamitin na state witness. Yung mga tintestify ninyo ay puwedeng gamitin laban sa inyo,” he added.

Lacson doubted the statement of Matobato because when he mentioned about a terrorist suspect “Sali Makdum" and tried to google it, he cannot find it.

The witness said they kidnapped and brought to the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force (PAOCTF) to kill way back 2002.

Lacson said there was no PAOCTF during 2002.

“Wala nang PAOCTF noong 2002 kasi ako’y senador na nung 2001 at nawala na yung PAOCTF,” Lacson said.

Also, Lacson contradicts what Matobato said that Richard King was killed in a fastfood chain. The truth was he was kiiled inside his office in Vital C.

“So mali yung kwento ninyo ... yan sinabi ko eh mag testify under oath pero mali,” Lacson said.

Matobato said that it was Joel Tapales and Loloi Gabas who killed Richard King and received P500,000. Later, they were also killed.

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