Sen. Honasan to Media: "Both mainstream and social media must give accurate data"

Senator Gringo Honasan has appealed to the media to ensure accuracy in news reporting following the erroneous spin on the “state of mind” statement of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade.

“It is the burden of both mainstream and social media to give accurate data or they become unwitting purveyors of misinformation,” Honasan wrote on Twitter.

He said Tugade unfairly drew sharp criticism for allegedly saying traffic was just a state of mind. “What he actually said was verbatim was: A state of mind adds to the problem of traffic,” the senator added.

Honasan defended Tugade and explained that the media got it all wrong.

On Wednesday, the Inquirer wrote an article with the headline of "Metro Manila traffic is a state of mind." Sen. Hosanan referred his tweet with the article.
These were the full statement of Tugade:
A state of mind adds to the problem of traffic, Let’s stop blaming traffic. If you’re late, that’s that.

One thing we will have to address in solving traffic: change your psyche. Change your psyche (that allows) you to every now and then use as a convenient excuse that one word: traffic.

On our own we should change. We must learn to tell the truth. Let’s teach ourselves (to be truthful). That will be a good start.

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Photo source: Gregorio Honasan

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