President Duterte wears new outfit in ASEAN Summit

On the 2nd day of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit in Vientiane, Laos. Everyone noticed President Rodrigo Duterte new attire.

Yesterday, during the first day he wore the traditional Philippine barong.
The photo of Duterte wearing coat and tie went viral and praised by netizens.

Duterte wearing a suit is something that new to Filipino because mostly, he just wore barong tagalog, checkered polo, or t-shirt and jeans.

According to the assistant secretary for the Office of ASEAN Affairs of the Philippine Department of Foreign Affairs, Helien de la Vega. She told the Filipino reporters that the attire is "lounge suit or national dress."

De Vega also said that there's nothing to worry if President Duterte wears the barong.

"I've told him that the attire is lounge suit or national dress. Definitely, there’s no problem for him to wear barong," De Vega said.

The ASEAN Summit is Duterte’s first international meeting as president.

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