President Duterte to corrupt government employees: "I plan to put them in Basilan or Jolo"

President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday warned the corrupt employees in government that they will be assigned to Basilan or Jolo. 

After his work abroad, he went in his press conference held at the Davao International Airport.

"To all employees of government, huwag nyo akong hiyain dito. 
Huwag ninyong galawin ang maliit na tao, kasi sila ang nangangailangan ng gobyerno," Duterte said.

Duterte noticed that public is compelled to spend cash just to get open reports, including duplicates of birth endorsements and driver's permit.

He said he will going to put cameras in the government agency because he explained in government there's no such thing as private.
"Wala na nakapahuway ang tawo sa iyang kalisod. There is no respite to the hardships of the Filipino people," he said.

"I will place cameras there, like a Gestapo. And it's perfectly alright for me. Why? (Because) this is government. This is not a private enterprise. There is no such thing as a violation of privacy there. Kung sa gobyerno ka, it must be open," he added.

"I am planning to put an extension office of the national government, I plan to put it in Basilan or Jolo. Be my guest, I will be happy to assign you there," he warned.

Duterte said the areas that would be nearly observed incorporate air terminals, the Bureaus of Customs, Quarantine, and Immigration. 

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