President Duterte on third drug list: "I have the third round and final round. Validation. It’s been done"

During President Rodrigo Duterte speech at the Villamor Air Base, he said that the third list of personalities linked to illegal drug trade was already validated.

“I have the third round and final round. Validation…it’s been done,” Duterte said on Tuesday evening.

“To think kung hindi ako naging presidente, hindi mo masita ang mga ito. Mayor? Puro bodyguard, puro mga pulis, puro mga hoodlum. Kaya pati mga pulis, takot,” he added.

“What I’m asking if it outlasts me and hindi ako nakatapos for any reason or whatever, ang hingin ko lang sa inyo from a commander to—huwag mo lang hayaan. Kawawa ang Pilipinas. Kawawa talaga,” Duterte said.

According to Inquirer report, Duterte mentioned the Alcalas of Quezon. That they were really involved in drugs.
“The one in Quezon, with the Alcalas, publicly I will tell you, that’s true,” the president said.

Based on the report, after they were tagged
Athelano Alcala and son Sajid went to the police to clear their names.

Then on Sunday, his wife Maria Fe and daughter, Toni Ann got arrested in the buy-bust operation.

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