President Duterte comforts one of the soldier's kid who killed in Sulu clash

President Rodrigo Duterte visited the wake of the soldiers killed in a clash with the Terrorist Group Abu Sayaff. President Duterte comforts one of the children of the soldiers who killed in Sulu clash.

The President comforted the families of the soldiers and one of the children hugged the President like he is seeking help from Duterte.

The President also kissed the photograph of one of the slain soldiers.

He also slammed the terrorist group Abu Sayaff for killing and beheading soldiers and innocent civilians in the name of Allah.

“You think Allah would be happy to see you do like that? In the name of Allah, you kill then, unnecessarily, you mutilate the body of the human being?” Duterte said in his visit to Zamboanga City.

The President also orders to bring more soldiers in Sulu and Basilan to exterminate the terrorist group.

He also offered to help the family members of the dead soldiers and made them a 4Ps member.

Netizens are also sad for what happened to the soldiers who only wants peace in this country, they believe that terrorist group must be destroyed to avoid more innocent killings.

Source: Pinoy Trending Altervista

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