Netizen lambasted De Lima: "The only Senator who bashed and trashed her own country"

A viral post of 
Joel Inocencio was doing the rounds online. The post he made on Wednesday, he slammed Senator Leila De Lima for creating a bad image to the international viewers that President Duterte is a murderer in killing the drug suspects.

De Lima was invited by the CNN Chief International Correspondent, Christiane Amanpour for an interview in her perspectives against Duterte's war on drugs and the extra-judicial killings in the country.

In the interview, De Lima kept pressing that what the Duterte administration did was an extrajudicial killing.

She even cited statistics comparing the deaths from the term of Arroyo until the present administration.

Inocencio said that De Lima attacks to Duterte were personal and way too far because she's speaking in front of the international audiences. 

He cited that De Lima was shaming not just the President but as well as the country.  He was really disappointed and mad to De Lima for giving such impression to the viewers.

President Rodrigo Duterte's war against illegal drugs and the increased numbers killed due to drug-related cases draws the attention of the international media.

Some foreigners condemned Duterte as a 'mass murderer'. Recently, the NYC activist also rallied against the extrajudicial killings.

Meanwhile, Inocencio post generated over 20,880 shares and 27,000 likes in the social media.
Read below the full statement of Inocencio:

The ONLY Senator who bashed and trashed her own country and it’s Pres. in the International Arena. Your lies and false pretense had caused you to self-destruct. Your personal crusade against Pres. Duterte and protecting the interest of the drug cartels has taken far and deep, this time your attacking not only the Pres. but the entire Filipino and our country. I’ve never seen or heard a politician who smeared her own country in international TV.

Lahat ng Pilipino ginagawa sa kanilang makakaya para mai-angat ang imahen ng ating bansa. Our artists, great talents, professionals, OFW nagpakahirap para lang gumanda ang pagkakakilala ng buong mundo sa ating inang bayan. Ikaw na senadora, niyurakan mo ang ating bansa. I cannot contain my anger at you!!! You are a disgusting piece of work!!!

The post has generated the interest of the netizens. In fact, the post has been shared more than 20,000 times on social media, 3 days after it was published online.

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