Lacson fires back after De Lima accused him of doublespeak: "She shouldn't be twisting my statement to suit her purpose"

Senator Ping Lacson on Wednesday responded to Sen. Leila De Lima accusation of "doublespeak."

According to the report, Lacson withstands on his prior statement. He said he was not just relying on the testimony of the witnesses but also to the shreds of evidence gathered.

“I based my statement not only on the testimonies given in the HOR hearing yesterday but on other pieces of evidence that I happen to be aware of,” Lacson said.

“I can bet that once the preliminary investigation to be conducted by the DOJ against her is concluded, probable cause will be established, hence a warrant for her arrest will be issued by the court,” he added.

Lacson said he was not laughing at what De Lima is going through now. He added that she should not twist her statement to suit her purpose.

“She got it all wrong. When I said pinagtatawanan ko lang yung pinagdadaanan niya ngayon compared to what I experienced before, I wasn’t referring to the credibility of evidence being presented against her now and against me before but the degree of harassment that 
former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her cohorts in practically all the agencies of government were throwing against me,” Lacson said.

“I was all alone at that time. I had practically nobody on my side except probably my family, while she has her LP allies supporting her now. She shouldn't be twisting my statement to suit her purpose. Between us, I wonder who’s doublespeaking?” the senator added.

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These were the statement of De Lima accusing Lacson over his statement that there was basis to file cases against her.

“Akala ko ba pinagtatawanan lang ni Senator Ping itong persecution and harassments being done to me as he recalls his own harrowing experience with the Mawanay episode," De Lima said.

“Why is Senator Ping saying now, based on media reports, that there's enough basis to now file charges against me prescinding from what transpired at yesterday's House hearing?” she added.

“Is he convinced of the authenticity and veracity of the ‘stories’ of those obviously perjured witnesses? I'm aghast by some people's propensity for doublespeak!” De Lima said.

Source: GMA, Inquirer

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