Koko Pimentel defends President Duterte: "Alam niya yung situation sa buong bansa"

Senator Koko Pimentel urges the public and his fellow lawmakers to trust President Rodrigo Duterte amidst declaring a “state of lawlessness” all over the country.

Pimentel states that the commander-in-chief has access to all intelligence by high-ranking officials following the “Black Friday” bombing Davao City which killed 16 people and injured 70 others.

“That‘s really the judgement call of the President. The President has more access to reports, intelligence reports, situation reports and high-ranking officials sa law enforcement kaya alam niya yung situation sa buong bansa. So sa judgement call ng Presidente, there is a state of lawless violence or lawlessness in the entire country, respetuhin po natin ang kanyang desisiyon,” said Pimentel.

“Tulungan na lang po natin siya, anyway that’s just a declaration so that to put on notice ang military, armed forces at ang buong bansa, na he will start using the military to suppress (and) put an end to lawless violence,” he added.

“Nabalita sa buong mundo yung explosion so I think the entire world is also looking at our response or reaction. So normal lang po na if we tighten our security measures hindi ba mas good news na yun sa mga bisita natin na banyaga,” said Pimentel.

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