Hontiveros criticized Duterte: "AFP and PNP cannot run the country"

President Rodrigo Duterte declared the State of Lawlessness after the attacked in Davao City.

"It's not martial law, but I am inviting now the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the military, and the police to run the country in accordance with my specifications," Duterte said.

On Sunday, Senator Risa Hontiveros lambasted President Duterte because of his statement. She said the military and PNP cannot run the country.

"Contrary to the President's instructions, they cannot, in any way and in any legal and constitutional sense, run the country," Hontiveros said.

"Calling out power should be limited in scope and cannot give the military and police extra powers. They still cannot conduct arrests, searches, and seizures without judicial warrants," She added.
Hontiveros said that the proclamations as "acts of the President fixing a date or declaring a status or condition of public moment or interest, upon the existence of which the operation of a specific law or regulation is made to depend."

Hontiveros said that Duterte's declaration of lawlessness may give people an 'environment of fear and violence'.
"The President might have intended this declaration to underscore the seriousness of the Davao attack. But he should be aware that his actions may very well contribute to an environment of fear and violence that will serve the interests of lawless elements. I worry that the President might play to the script of the perpetrators of the violence," She said.

"I urge the Duterte government to continue to operate within the bounds of the law and respect the civil liberties of the people. We cannot fight lawless elements by depriving our people their right to the rule of law," she added.

Hontiveros said she condemn the attacks in Davao City.

"I fully condemn this act of violence and support the full extent of the law to identify and punish the perpetrators of this atrocious crime," Hontiveros said.

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