Graft raps filed vs Aquino and Purisima over P100 billion uncollected taxes

Former President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III and former finance secretary Cesar Purisima were facing graft and other criminal charges.

They filed charges because of the uncollected taxes of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corp. (PSPC) worth of P100 billion.

"Kung isasama ang interest, surcharge at 800% penalty, lahat yan aabot ng P100 billion 'yan," former customs collector Juan Tan said.

The complainants who filed charges against the two are former customs commissioner Napoleon Morales, former customs collector Juan Tan and Batangas-based journalist Lourdes Aclan.

“Since 2011, the former President and DOF Secretary did nothing but allowed PSPC to continuously use the P7.348 billion and P1.99 billion government revenue for its own use and benefits, thereby giving it unwarranted benefits, and causing undue grave injury to the government,” the complainants said.

According to the report, Aclan already sends a letter to former Noynoy Aquino and Purisima over the uncollected tax but unfortunately, they just ignored it.

“However, even with his authority and power to order Secretary Purisima, Comm. Biazon and Col. Benavidez to act on the matter and demand the payment from PSPC, President Aquino ignored complainant Aclan’s letter with indifference, as the PSPC controversy was left unanswered until he stepped down from office on June 30, 2016,” they said.
It is said that the Shell failed to pay the tax correctly and instead of complying, Shell changed the name of the declared gasoline shipment from "CCG" and "LCCG" to "Alkylate," which was classified as non-taxable waste material.

The Bureau of Customs still asked for a tax payment worth P7.348 billion for the CCG and LCCG, while  P1.9 billion for the Alkylate shipments.

But over 6 years had passed, the total amount of taxes they should pay reach to P100 billion.

"Pera ng gobyerno 'yan. For more than six years ang pera nasa Shell, ginagamit ng Shell," the complainants said.

Aside from Aquino and Purisima, the Shell executives Edgar Chua, Robert Kanapi, and Nigel Avila were also included in the charges. As of now, they still haven't given any comment.

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