Ex-DILG chief Alunan writes a satirical message to US and EU: "Thank you for your heartfelt concern on EJK"

Rafael Alunan III, a former Department of Interior and Local Government Secretary wrote a satirical message to the United States and Europe.

The letter was short but has a precise message. 

Alunan thanked the US and EU for their sincere worry over extrajudicial killings.

He also asked them a permanent asylum for the drug lords, pushers, and enforcers so that they may have a safe and lasting haven in their custody.

The post generated over 2,237 shares and 5,123 likes.

Check out the FB post of Alunan:
Dear US and EU,

Thank you for your heartfelt concern on EJK.It's really a big problem for us because ever since we started our campaign against illegal drugs, those in the business have also started eliminating each other. We suspect it is meant to cover their tracks. The backlash is that we are the ones suspected of doing the EJK.

Would it then be possible for you to grant our drug syndicates - from the lords down to their pushers and enforcers - permanent asylum in your countries? That way you'd have peace of mind knowing that the suspects would be safe in your hands.

Thank you for your consideration.

The Philippines

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