Edgar Matobato's Family: "He just keeps on talking, he just keeps on making stories"

Edgar Matobato, self-confessed assassin and the witness presented by Senator Leila De Lima on the Senate hearing to pinned President Rodrigo Duterte in alleged extra-judicial killings in the country.

Based on the report, the family of Edgar Matobato also seems annoyed with him. 
In the interview of one of his family named Nina Capao, she described Edgar Matobato as a barbaric.

“They couldn’t get back their money anymore because they are afraid of Edgar. It was Edgar who frequently gets money from them. They give their money to Edgar because he is always armed. He always accuses my daughter of going out with other guys, but my daughter is just staying at home most of the time. He would beat her despite that “ Nina Capao said in a Bisaya dialect.

Capao said since then Matobato keeps on making stories and when he appeared on the television, they also don't believed him.

“I do not know if he knows Duterte. He just keeps on talking, he just keeps on making stories. Maybe he knows Duterte, because Duterte is the mayor of Davao that time, but they do not personally know each other.” Capao said.

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Source: CNN Philippines

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