Duterte's "war on drugs" effect: Shabu price rises from P1,300 to P25,000 per gram- says PDEA

Shabu labs getting shut down left and right, President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign against illegal drug trade is taking it’s toll and one way to gauge it is to look at the price.

The price methamphetamine hydrochloride or locally known as ‘shabu’ soars from P1,300 to P25,000 per gram.

“I confirm that indeed, the price of shabu has increased considerably from P1,300 per gram to P25,000 as of August 2016,” Roselyn Borja, PDEA deputy director general for administration, told the House Justice panel during the Congress hearing on illegal drug trade.

Philippine National Police deputy chief for operations Benjamin Magalong said that, as the administration tightens it’s hunt around suppliers and peddlers of the illegal drug, it has restricted the movement of the illegal substance in the country, resulting in tight supply.

“The way to gauge it is the very high cost of drugs at present,” he said.

Magalong also noted that the intensified campaign against illegal drugs had caused the drop in crime incidence.

He said the reforms in the New Bilibid Prison, which used to be a hub of the drug trade, have also been “very effective.”

He added that other inmates feel equal to the high-profile inmates, who used to lord it over their fellows in the penitentiary, after they changed the demeanor of these drug lords.

“Now, the inmates feel that they are equal,” he added.

Source: Interaksyon

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