Duterte's first 100 days: Tugade and Duterte administration receive praises by netizens for massive improvements in NAIA

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport was tagged as the "world's worst airport" and now it's beginning to regain its good name.

After the Duterte administration took place, the good thing started to happen and improvements were clearly visible.
The Facebook page of Pompee La Viña • Duterte 2016 praised the comfort room in NAIA in which obviously, it's far compared today. It was renovated and clean.

Also, one netizen named 
Dane Policarpio narrated her experience and stated the changes made by the Duterte administration in the NAIA.

She also praised Department of Transportation Secretary Arthur Tugade for the effort he exerts to improve the airport.

Read her full FB post: 
100 days and 3 round-trip flights, I experienced good things in NAIA T3 that never in a million years will have experienced from a year ago to before that.

2 straight outgoing flights with no delaysRegular taxi right at the arrival areaRegular taxi being regulatedNever saw anyone seran-wrapping their bagsWaiting seats at the departure lobbyDirect hotel airport reception at the arrival areaWorking walkalators from start to end

And now

Tugade just started the project to upgrade wifi.

100 f*ck*ng days. They did all this in 100 effin days while the past couldn't even improve it in 6 years.

Give the man credit guys, puro kayo laet dahil mali yung quote ng news sites.

I'm not saying this because I'm a fan of Tugade, I am saying this because I experienced it first hand 3 straight times.

Dapat ganyan din manghate - dahil sa experience hindi personal grudge.

I am now looking directly at our aircraft 10 mins before boarding time and currently giddy that I'll experience a round trip flight from Cebu Pacific with no delays for both departure and arrival flights!!!

No Delay Round trip. First time since 06!!!
NAIA Terminal 3 free wifi speed is 200 mbps. End of conversation.
Another thing, Policarpio posted a speed test result that showed how fast the free wifi connection in the airport now. It showed that the internet speed in NAIA was up to 186.83 Mbps to 200mbps.

Netizens became amazed and applauded the Duterte administration for the developments they made in just the first 3 months. 

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