Duterte's advice to his critics: "If you want to attack me or to lecture on me, do not do it in public"

President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday has an advice for people who's criticizing him about the human rights issues. He said if they want to lecture him, never to do it in public.

"If you want to attack me or to lecture on me, do not do it in public just what like isang presidente, pati si UN (United Nations). You know, when you lecture on me, nagagalit ako," Duterte said during his speech in the 
Philippine Air Force troops.

Duterte cited that during his speech what emphasized more in the headlines was his reactions compared to the things they did to him.

"What is highlighted is actually 'yung reaksyon ko, hindi 'yung ginawa nila sa akin," Duterte said.

Duterte suggested ways how to approach him if they wanted to criticize him and do it in a proper way.

"Ang sinasabi ko lang, do it the proper way. If 
you want to criticize me, you bring the matter to the United Nations. Tapos tawagan nila ang atensyon ko, then I will answer, maybe in writing or send somebody there if I cannot go there personally," the president said.

Recently, Duterte already said it's alright with him to criticize or attack him if he did something wrong.

Also, he said they should not treat him less because he will fight back and curse them.

"You know, because mayor lang ako eh. But ngayon Presidente na ako , you should be careful," Duterte said.

"Huwag naman 'yung basta because hindi mo ako bata-bata. Hindi mo ako empleyado. Kaya 'pagka ginanoon mo ako, ang resbak ko sa'yo is talagang minumura kita. Who are you to lecture on me?" he added.

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