Atty. Rivera slams Trillanes on presenting evidence to confirm Matobato's testimony: "Abogado na pala ang bagong job description ng Senator"

A Facebook post of Atty. Bruce V. Rivera commenting about the new job description of Senator Antonio Trillanes IV drew cheers from the netizens.

The ABS-CBN published an article with a headline says, "Trillanes to present evidence to confirm Matobato's testimony." 

It talks about Sen. Trillanes will present a verifiable evidence to prove that Matobato's statement is credible. 
Here's what he said, "Definitely, people will see Mr. Matobato in a new light. Instead of trying to punch holes in his testimony, we did the investigative work of checking his claims and we found out that these were true," Trillanes said.

Trillanes insisted that Edgar Matobato's statements are consistent despite the fact his co-senators claims it wasn't.

In Atty. Rivera post, he mockingly said that the new job description of Trillanes from senator turns to an attorney of Matobato. He added that Trillanes is doing this to change the perception of the people.

As we all know, Trillanes and De Lima are the ones who support Matobato as a witness in the Senate probe on alleged extrajudicial killings. So unsurprisingly, Trillanes is making a way now to defend Matobato.

But, Rivera said how can Trilllanes change the people perception and even persuade them, when in fact, people don't trust him anymore.

Read the FB post of Atty. Rivera:

Aba aba aba aba....Abogado na pala ang bagong job description ng Senator. Present evidence to confirm testimony? Ang Senate ba court of laws or PR firm? Present evidence to change how people perceive him. Senator, ikaw nga hindi mo alam paano mo pabanguhin ang pangalan mo. How can we believe him if we cannot even believe you.

And ABS-CBN is making this newsworthy.
Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

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Source:  Bruce Villafuerte Rivera

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