Atty. Bruce criticized Local Media for unfair treatment to President Duterte

Amid to the black propaganda against President Rodrigo Duterte. The Duterte's supporter still stand firm against them all.

A viral post of Atty. Bruce V. Rivera was doing the rounds online. He's a known solid Duterte supporter since then.

In his post, Atty. Rivera recalled the hostage of HK tourist way back 2010, where PNoy that time was the new elected President. He said Hong Kong was outraged by that incident and they showed a photo where Pnoy was just smiling in the hijacked bus happened in Luneta.

PNoy didn't apologize because he believes "the police did was an act of state and considered correct based on international law because we are a sovereign state."

According to Rivera, it resulted to Hong Kong to become more strict for the Philippines to acquire a visa. 

Meanwhile, we haven't heard anything that time it was a big deal because the truth is, the local media conceal it. They prevented it to purvey to protect former Noynoy Aquino because it was a disgrace to the country.

Another thing, Rivera also commented about how the media outlets twist the story that leads to President Obama to cancel the meeting with Duterte.

In just the span of 5 hours, Rivera's post generated over 1,640 shares and 4,700 likes.

Read below the full statement of Atty. Rivera:

Let me lay down the scenario. Early in PNoy's term, there was a potential international shame when a picture was taken of PNoy smiling in front of the hijacked bus in Luneta. Later, police operations caused the death of many HK tourists who were held hostage in that bus. Local media tried to suppress the release of the picture because it will cause not only the humiliation of PNoy but it was a national humiliation. Sadly, HK media released it. HK later on demanded PNoy to say sorry. HE DID NOT APOLOGIZE.


He said that what the police did was an act of state and considered correct based on international law because we are a sovereign state. We should not explain to HK the correctness of our police operations even if it resulted in the death of their citizens. Par in parem non habit imperium. HK got angry punished us with a visa requirement for PH official red passport. Erap had to apologize for Manila. Issue ba yun sa local media? No. We barely heard of it. It was suppressed. Because PNoy is our President that time. Kahihiyan niya, kahihiyan natin. This was an actual demand by HK to apologize which PNoy said NO on video.

Mayor Duterte answered a hypothethical question and not even an actual question that Obama asked. He answered in his usual irreverent self with the unfortunate use of profanities. It was not an actual answer to an actual question. But a hypothetical question which if asked would be improper for a head of state to ask another because that is a purely domestic issue na wala siyang pakialam.

And instead of protecting the President, our local media made it such a big deal prompting Obama to cancel meetings.

Lastly, Rivera added:
Only in the Philippines where nationalism is a liability.
What can you say about this? share your thoughts with us. 

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