Ambush survivor: " I clearly remember his eyes,nose and mouth. He tried to kill me in 2014"

Back in 2014, two unidentified assassins armed with a handgun ambushed Atty. Abeto Salcedo, Jr. a Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) regional adjudication officer. He sustained 3 gunshot wounds in the stomach and one in his left knee but he was able to escape his shooters by running into a store were he was rushed to a hospital.

The two suspects had a motorcycle and got away easily, Salcedo was lucky that no vital organ was hit, they never caught the suspects and but suspected that land dispute was the motive behind the attack.

Fast track 2 years later, Salcedo was shocked to see one of his gunman appeared in national television in a form of Edgar Matobato. In a Rappler article Salcedo said that he recognized Matobato’s face as the same face who tried to kill him back in 2014.

“Nakuratan ko, wala ko nakatingog (I was shocked, I was speechless),” Atty. Abeto Salcedo Jr said.

“I clearly remember his eyes, nose, and mouth, every attribute, including his ball cap. He is the same person who tried to kill me on October 23, 2014,” he added.

Matobato is a self-proclaim member of the infamous Davao Death Squad (DDS) who is one of the witnesses in the Senate hearing against extrajudicial killings and summary killings.

According to Salcedo, he is consulting his lawyer about possibly filing a case against Matobato.

“I can clearly remember his face because he was so close to me, only the glass window separated us,” Salcedo said in the vernacular.

Salcedo said he was informed that the group who tried to kill him were hired guns, who were promised P400,000 for the operations. He hinted that the motive could be a land dispute.

Source:, Rappler

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