A viral post exposing the true identity of Delima's witness,"He is a gun for hire"neighbors say

A viral post of Erwin Tulfo, a news anchor, and radio commentator was doing the rounds online.

According to the post, the Delima's star witness was not actually a CAFGU, but an NPA. 

Additionally, his neighbors said that Edgar Matobato was a "gun for hire."

The tricycle drivers and neighbors who knew him in Samal Island while watching the Senate hearing they were all laughing and mocking Matobato.

The tricycle drivers were certain that Matobato was just after the money. That what he said earlier were all lies.
Read the full text below:
(EJK senate hearing witness)

Bisaya: Taga Samal man diay ka matobato. Taga Tagbaobo kang dako. Dghan nakaila sa imoha sa samal doh. Dili ka cafgu, npa ka. Pila may gibayad sa imoha kol?

Tagalog trans: Tiga Samal Island Davao Del Norte ka pala Matobato. Laking Tagbaobo. Maraming nakaka-kilala sa iyo sa Samal. Hndi ka raw Cafgu, dahil isa kang NPA dati. Magkano ba binayad sayo?

(Scenario) While the hearing started, madami po raw mga tricycle driver nanunuod sa tindahan kng saan palaging nakatambay si Matobato sa Tagbaobo Samal Island before. And they are all laughing and giving some joke reactions while listening (testimony of Matobato). they said (Tricycle Drivers) Matobato was obviously chasing only for money. (All are lies) And lastly, according to the people who are personally knew him (Neighbors). He is a gun for hire before.
Source: Facebook

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