"True love waits" policy, school bans the students to have a romantic relationship

Securing to the objective of getting its understudies to the phase on graduation day, Golden Heritage Polytechnic College bans romantic relationship among the students.

The school imposing a "true love waits" policy in order to keep them far from adolescent pregnancies.

Based on ABS-CBN report, a school in Cagayan de Oro City bans romantic relationship among the understudies while they are still enrolled in the institution. 

With regards to studies, adoration can be both – a motivation or a diversion. In any case, that is relevant just in the level wherein two people can be viewed as matured enough to engaged to it. At times, there are more profound things that affection may bring. 

The school even have an expansive covering to help the learners to remember the guideline. 

School president Capt. Tito Dichosa said he only wants to avoid students from getting pregnant and finish their college.

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