Tremendous amount of cash and appliances seized during surprise raid in Cebu city Jail

The war against illegal drugs are still moving in Cebu City after the authorities confiscated a tremendous amount of cash and appliances from the inmates of Cebu City Jail.

According to Ramil Lequin, an inmate from Leyte, this is “cooperative” money.

The surprise jail inspection happens during Saturday Dawn on August 13 led by PRO 7 Regional Director Noli Talino.

The authorities confiscated cash, gadgets, appliances and some weapons from the inmates.

The surprise jail inspection is part of the administration’s war on drugs.

Netizens believe that the money that confiscated are using by the inmates to bribe the officials in the city jail.

FACT: The famous Cebu Dancing inmates are not from Cebu City Jail, they are detained in Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center.

Here are some pictures during raid in Cebu city jail:

The inmates were also asked to remove their clothes so the authorities can look if the inmates are hiding weapons or illegal drugs in their clothes.

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