SG Ambassador expresses support to President Duterte: "I think it’s the Philippines’ time"

Singaporean Ambassador Kok Li Peng on Friday said he admired 
President Rodrigo Duterte agenda for the country. She also believed in Duterte's ability in making the Philippines prosper, according to Manila times report.

“I think it’s the Philippines’ time. Every country has a time…This is it,” Kok stated.

Kok said she knows it will not be that easy for Duterte but she was impressed   on his 10-point agenda.

“I think your president has many challenges to face and to deal with. But what’s striking is that he’s got a very comprehensive agenda and his ensemble is very experienced and very capable,” the envoy said.

Duterte served as longtime City Mayor of Davao. He is credited with changing the city into a crime-free City and business- friendly sanctuary.  

Singaporean envoy stated that she was positive in Duterte administration that they can attain the said promises to Filipinos.

“In our bilateral relations, I think this is an exciting time in terms of the Philippine economy. Your economic growth is amazing and it has steadied for the last couple of years. So anything that boosts that further is going to draw a lot of attention,” she said.

“He’s going to do it,” Kok added.

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