Sen. De Lima To Duterte’s Allies: "I will not surrender, binaliktad na po nila lahat ng Kwento"

Senator Leila De Lima on Tuesday slammed President Duterte's allies for accusing her and for trying to ruin her.

De Lima mourned that there is by all accounts a coordinated push to dishonor her and her achievements as a former DOJ Secretary.

Duterte administration condemned De Lima because of the poor security at the national penitentiary. That she's responsible for the drug proliferation and the reason why the high- profile inmates enjoying a luxurious life inside the Bilibid.

It can also be recalled during the election campaign in May 2016, Duterte warned De Lima that he would investigate her for trading drugs right inside the national prison in which De Lima denied the issue.

In De Lima's speech, she defended herself against alleged drug protector. She said Duterte’s allies are misguided and hungry for power.

"In so many ways and in all sense of the phrase, the President’s men have stood up the world on its head. It is time to put the world back on its feet. Binaliktad na po nila lahat ng kwento tungkol sa maganda nagawa sa DOJ, ni wala pa palang imbestigasyon,'' Sen. De Lima said.

De Lima also reacted to the malicious internet post. Such as the video clip of her and the drug lord Herbert Colangco during her own birthday party. She reasons out that it was Quezon City Rep. Alfred Vargas sitting beside her.
"Mr. President, my only defense is my honor and my integrity. This well-oiled media operation intends to take that away from me. They project me as an enemy of this administration, that I am calling for an investigation on the drug killing because I am a drug lord coddler, that I am against the war on drugs because I am protecting the drug trade,"
Sen. De Lima said.

According to her, these are the tactics that will also mean to silence any incumbent senator who will be reluctant to be outspoken that is why she will keep on fighting for her rights.

"Pagkatapos ko, sino and isusunod sa inyo na mangahas na tumiwalag sa kanilang martsa, na hindi sasayaw sa kanilang musika? That is why ultimately, this is an attack on the Senate as an independent institution,"
 De Lima said.

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