Sen. De Lima cries on President Duterte's allegations

Senator Leila De Lima ‘cries foul’ over President Rodrigo Duterte’s accusation that a lady senator has been having love affairs to her driver and that the said senator receives money from ‘Muntinlupa’, obvious hints from Duterte’s statements suggest that it was De Lima that he was referring to.

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De Lima and Duterte has a long history of conflicts going back to Duterte’s Davao Mayor days and De Lima as a Human Rights lawyer.

“May nagsabi na sa akin, ngayon lang. It’s very surprising. Alam mo first reaction ko ngayon, ayoko na patulan ‘yan. You know, my first reaction is not to dignify it. It‘s so foul. It’s character assassination,” said De Lima.

“Very bad timing. I don’t know kung ano po agenda nila na, that they’re resorting to character assassination. That is a very clear case of character assassination. I did not expect the President to do that. Sa totoo lang ,” she added.

De Lima is set to conduct a senate investigation regarding the skyrocketing killings after President Duterte started his so-called war on drugs.

“Hindi po. ‘Di po ako matitinag ,” said the senator, 

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