President Duterte releases "drug matrix", shows De Lima's involvement in drugs

President Rodrigo Duterte finally released on early Thursday the structural matrix, it shows the connection of Sen. Leila De Lima and some local execs linked in the illegal drug trade at the New Bilibid Prison.

The Matrix tagged Sen. De Lima, her ex-driver Ronnie Dayan, BM Raul Sison, Former Governor of Pangasinan and now Congressman Amado Espino, Raffy Baraan, and BUCOR supervisor Toti Baraan.

The detailed matrix also shows some important information about the people who are tagged in the matrix.

Ronnie P. Dayan is also allegedly using the alias “BOSS De Lima” or “Case Fixer” in Urbiztondo, Pangasinan to help well-known politicians there.

President Duterte and DOJ Secretary Aguirre said that they already gathered witnesses that can prove the allegations against Sen. De Lima.

The President admitted the Senator De Lima is not directly involved in illegal drug trade, but she is accepting money from the drug lords to maintain their business inside the National Penitentiary.

He also said that Ronnie Dayan, the ex-driver and alleged lover of Sen. De Lima is the one who shipped the drug money from the drugs lords to the Senator during the campaign period.

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