President Duterte: “I do not use government money when I go home"

President Rodrigo Duterte assured that he's using his own whenever he went home in Davao every weekend.

According to the president, he personally spends money to travel to Davao and back to Manila. 

However, President Duterte admitted that the money he used whenever he visits the military camp was the government fund.
“I do not use government money when I go home and back to Manila for work. But for my outside visits to the military camps, and to be here, to pay my respects sa fallen hero. Lalo na sa anti-drug campaign,” Duterte said.

Usually, Duterte used to ride the presidential chopper when he goes to various camps because he does not want to add more traffic problems.

Apart from visiting the camp, Duterte also ensured that he personally visited the policemen and soldiers wounded or killed because of the intensified anti-drug campaign.

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