Pres. Duterte: " At least past-time ko ay uubusin ang criminal, Hindi sa video games"

We overheard that the government is doing their part in solving the nationwide problem of our country. Our president is serious about it. He devoted a lot of his time in this and he is not wasting his precious time, meaning every minute counts. He is not playing games and he is serious. The government is doing their job well. In a few months time, our country will have fewer problems because the government has fixed the problems.

As citizens, we can help in solving our country's problem. Our government is on the right track.Their plans are good. This for our future. We support our government for the improvement of our country.
They are really doing their job and they are doing it well. The Police and Military are doing their job.

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"As President, I have the immunity from civil or criminal. Pag naasar ako sa’yo, tawagin kita, barilin kita diyan. [laughter] Eh ano? Eh kung naka-Presidente kayo ng killer, diperensiya niyan?At least, ang pastime ko, patay ng mga masamang tao, hindi ko inuubos ‘yung panahon ko sa— ‘Wag tayo kay… nag backbite tayo. Hindi ko inuubos ang panahon ko diyan. I use it to think of ways to help my countrymen," President Duterte said

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