Police killed riding in tandem, recovered a cardboard "Tulak ako, wag Tularan"

The mystery behind “Cardboard Killings” is now slowly enlightened after the authorities killed a riding in tandem planning to kill a girl in Pasay City.

The police also recovered a cardboard containing messages “Tulak ako, Wag Tularan” from the killed suspects, that may planned to put behind the body of their target if the assassination went successful.
GMA news reporter Victoria Tulad posted the picture of the cardboard that the suspects are carrying and also the picture of the suspect’s target and a sketch of a map.

The human rights activists blamed the government in the recent cardboard killings that happened in different parts of metro manila.

But the supporters of the current administration already says that the drug cartels are the groups behind the killings and they are trying to spread black propaganda against the government.

They believe that the drug lords are now exterminating their illegal drug carriers to avoid the police from getting valuable information that can help to caught the drug lords.

According to PNP, there are now 200+ unsolved killings of the drug pushers and addicts since the drug on war of Duterte administration started.

Next week, a Senate Probe will happen to investigate the alleged extrajudicial killings that happens since the Duterte Administration started, PNP Chief Bato will also face the Senators to explain the side of PNP.

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