PNP Dela Rosa: "I may sink or swim with the President. I'll go with him all the way"

Philippine National Police (PNP) chief, Director General Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa on Monday guaranteed that President Duterte would always have his loyalty even if the leader declares Martial Law.

"As I have said, I may sink or swim with the President. I'll go with him all the way. Whether we reach heaven or hell, I won't leave him," Dela Rosa said.

"If he decides to declare Martial Law for whatever, I'll support him."

He is confident that there will never be "an evil motive" behind the President's decisions.

On the contrary, Duterte will always anchor his decision on the good of the people, he said.

"His decisions are not influenced by politics. His decisions are for everyone's benefit,"Dela Rosa said it in bisaya. 

(Kana iya mga decision karon wala nay pamulitika. Kana iya mga decision karon para ra sa kayuhan na tanan na.) 

"It's not for personal gain. What else would he want, he's already old. He's not after fame, either; he's already the President. To gain wealth? No, he's not used to money... He just gives away whatever money he has," he added.

(Dili na pampersonal na. Unsa pa may iya habulon tiguwang na man siya. Magpasikat pa siya sikat na man siya. Presidente na man siya. Mangwarta siya? Dili man na anad og kwarta. Wala man nay kwarta tawhana... Ug nay kwarta niya ipanghatag man na niya.)

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