PNP Bato to Cebu Mayor Osmeña: "Prangkahan nato, Your Policemen are involved in illegal drug trade"

Philippine National Police chief Ronald “Bato” Dela Rosa said that some policemen, high- ranking officials and even some mayors in Cebu City have been identified in their involvement in illegal drug trade.

Dela Rosa refused to name the mayors involved in the drug syndicate.

He asked for an apology to Mayor Thomas Osmeña for being upset that some of his police were re-shuffled and assigned elsewhere.

“I’m sorry, sir, if you felt bad that we removed your city director. Your policemen are identified in involvement in the illegal drug trade,” dela Rosa said.

“There are policemen here who are receiving money from drug syndicates in the guise of whatever. They received something,” he added.

Dela Rosa said that he's hoping that Mayor Osmeña would still support the drug campaign.

Osmeña had protested the transfer of two of his favorite officers—Patrocinio Comendador Jr., who was removed as Central Visayas police chief and Benjamin Santos Jr., who was removed as Cebu City police chief.

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