PH on the verge of becoming NARCO STATE & but some want war on drugs to fail

The article was written by Jose Ma. Montelibano titled "An almost narco-state" shown below is alarming. I agree with Montelibano, we are on the verge of becoming or perhaps we are already a narco-state.

Only an idiot or a drug-lord sympathizer will deny the gravity of the drug menace. All those who are in denial have to do is look at the number of surrenderees. Question, why do we have these many addicts? Because the past administration was either incompetent or in cahoots with the drug lords.

I do not like seeing so many people dead, but my question is; what will make the drug lords and pushers stop right now? We cannot let them stop one year or two years from now.... they have to stop now.

Only one thing will make them stop, and that is fear. Fear is the only thing they will respect, prison time does not matter to them.

In my opinion, those who want the war on drugs to fail want our country to become a narco state. Do you think those who oppose the war on drugs traitors or not?

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