Panelo to Sen. De Lima: "Is the information given by President Duterte true or not?"

President Duterte on Wednesday, Aug. 17 accused De Lima of "political posturing" and even called her an "immoral woman". Duterte also said that De Lima is having an affair with her driver and is the one collecting drug money to fund her campaign.

Chief Presidential legal counsel Salvador Panelo on Thursday said President Duterte's attack on De Lima was part of his "report to the people on the state of the nation."

“The question that the good senator should respond to is: Is the information given by President Duterte on her true or not? In her press conference she called she did not deny nor refute the information. Character assassination predicates the adverse information on the conduct of a person as being false,” Panelo said in a statement.

De Lima was emotional and in tears when interviewed. She said President Duterte's attack as abuse and misuse of power.

“For six years Sen. De Lima has disparaged the reputation of President Duterte as being behind the Davao Death Squads but during her stint as s Chairman of the Human Rights Commission and Secretary of Justice she never filed any criminal complaint against PRRD,” Panelo said.

“As an official policy, President Duterte welcomes any investigation by any entity or any branch of the government on the extra-judicial killings as in fact he has directed the PNP to investigate the same,” he added.

In the middle of war against illegal drugs and criminality, Panelo said that President Duterte will not tolerate any 'salvaging" of citizen.

Source: Newinforlearn, Inquirer

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