Palace launched the first edition of Duterte tabloid and it's for free

Communications Secretary Martin Andanar on Thursday showed to the public the Duterte tabloid. It named Mula Sa Masa, Para Sa Masa and you can have it for free.

Andanar said the Malacanang was also preparing for the launching of the President Duterte's television show.

Now, the Malacanang palace will be launch it national and has a new name of "Mula Sa Masa, Para Sa Masa", same name with the tabloid. 

Meanwhile, while waiting for the TV show to be aired, Presidential Communications Office Andanar launched the tabloid first edition.

"Ladies and gentlemen, habang wala pa po 'yung television show, ginagawa pa po namin 'yung studio sa Malacañang, please welcome Mula Sa Masa, Para Sa Masa tabloid," Andanar said.

Andanar said every month they will release an edition with an initial printing of 5,000 copies.

The headline of the tabloid was about the President Duterte war against drugs and tackled varieties of topics, such as entertainment and showbiz.

An online version of the tabloid will also be launch in 3 weeks.

"We will also launch an online version, News for Change. We are finalizing the URL with DICT (Department of Information and Communications Technology). Hopefully, we will launch in the next 3 weeks," Assistant Secretary Mon Cualoping said.

In Davao City, Duterte had a TV show called Gikan Sa Masa, Para Sa Masa. 

President Duterte, a City Mayor back then discussed his agenda directly to the people of Davao City. He talked about the government programs or any topic that were concern of.

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