P11-M paid to Anti-Marcos Burial Protesters

Anti-Marcos people showed up at the protest rally against the burial of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. It was a non-partisan citizens’ assembly that was participated by lawmakers, student groups, and advocacy groups.

Speculations that the protesters were paid made rounds on social media and many believed that said event was organized by prominent government officials who belongs to Yellow group.

A report affirms the issue, and revealed that over P11-M have been paid to protesters who joined the anti-Marcos Burial rally on Saturday at the Luneta Park, according to source.

This was allegedly confirmed by an insider who is a congressman who has knowledge about the issue.
The said congressman is a member of Liberal Party but planning to shift party soon, the report added. The source elaborated that the 11 million pesos were released by the political party to fund leftist groups who organized the protest rally. The congressman, however, did not divulge his name during the telecon interview.

The congressman professedly said, "I was tasked to organize at least 500 people from Metro Manila but I told them I cannot because I had a series of appointments and my office was already fully booked. I did not tell them (party leaders) that it will be difficult to organize people from the capital because most are in favor of Marcos's burial in Libingan ng mga Bayani."
"So they asked leftists groups to bring people from Tarlac. Eleven million had been released to pay each person from P2000 to P5000. Each person was paid P2000 before living Tarlac, but only 1,200 people were able to attend because of the transportation problem," the source said.
The insider congressman added that he was one among those who signed the voucher to release the fund.

The lawmaker, however, did not reveal any name but mentioned that some of the main organizers of the said plan were among the attendees.

Source: Filipinewsph, Okd2

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