Netizen shares testimony on Abandoned Child: "911 is working for us"

A viral post of a netizen named Tolits Palencia was doing the rounds online. 

He shared his experience in 911 emergency call. He narrated that last Sunday, he was able to help a child who was left alone in the street.

Palencia expressed his gratitude towards the police officers who responded immediately and to the agent, who answered the call.

This scene showed that the 911 hotline was very reliable in responding issues or concerns.

The 911 emergency hotline and the 8888 was launched last August 1. So far, Filipinos feedback were all positive.

The post generated over 7,727 shares.
Read below his full story:


At around 9:20pm tonight, passed by a child (about 3-4 yrs old) and a man along the sidewalk in between my place and a nearby mall. That particular place is not well lighted. I overheard the man asking questions. Out of curiosity, I asked my wife & daughter to turn back to check and intervene w/ the man talking to the child. I found out that the child was abandoned. The man (stranger) took time asking whereabouts of her parents or companions. However confused & scared, the child could hardly talk. Several passersby already took notice and stopped on us.

At this point, I thought this kid should be protected and be in a safe place. I could not just leave her to anybody around. I need to get assistance. So I called up 911 (my 1st time, around 9:30pm). I immediately got connected to an "agent". After some details the agent asked from me, she assured me to coordinate the matter with the Police. She asked me to standby for feedback. After few min. the agent called me back and told me that Police personnel were on their way already to respond. While waiting, my daughter rushed home to get food and drink, the child really looked hungry, tired, and scared.

Approximately 20 min after I made the call (9:50pm already), 2 Police Officers came. I explained what happened and at the same time clarified w/ them the procedures how to address such incident. After their explanation and assurance turned over to them the kid.

Before we parted ways, I asked the Police Officers if I could get their names and took photos of them w/ the kid. Thank you Sirs for your quick response - PO1 De Mesa & PO1 Condes of the TMR, Police Station 5, QCPD. Mabuhay po kayo!

Good job likewise to Philippines 911 and the agent who took my call!

I can now sleep well, knowing that the abandoned child has already been safe. I could only hope she will soon be reunited w/ her parents.

Btw, If I may ask those who would be able to read this post, to share this experience/story to inform the public that indeed 911 is working for us. One of us may need to dial these numbers in the future.


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