Netizen criticizes Billionaire philanthropist who urges Duterte to stop drug war

Last August 4, billionaire and philanthropist Richard Branson appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte to stop his bloody war on drugs.
On his website, he said Duterte’s pledge to end crime within three to six months will bound to fail.

"All told, President Duterte’s campaign pledge to end crime within three to six months is bound to fail, especially when it comes to drugs. Illegal drugs are a renewable resource. The drug trade is a global trade controlled by criminal organisations who will always find a way to enter the market. Tough law enforcement and zero tolerance will do nothing to reduce supply or demand of illegal drugs in the grand scheme of things. It’s been a bitter lesson for dozens of countries, from the US to Latin America," Branson said.

"Fighting fire with fire won’t work. The Philippines must reverse course immediately and choose evidence-based policies that put people first, reduce harm and put an end to these atrocities.

His statement was published in many news websites and in big media companies in the Philippines,"He added.
But there are also many who opposed Branson’s remarks, especially to those who supports President Duterte’s advocacy.
We saw an interesting open letter addressed to Branson and we think this deserves to be read by many, too.
Kindly read below:

You should put yourself on the victims shoe of this drug syndicate here in the Philippines ..You should live in our country in squatter area with out ur money with out ur body guards just live as an ordinary people and experience daily hell living life….. there you will understand why DUTERTE use his iron fist with this people involved in drugs….You don’t know everything about our country and u don’t have right to dictate our President what to do…. those persons were given a lot of opportunities to surrender and stop and if they continue they choose its own fate we don’t want our younger and new generation to become a victim of this bad elements.16M+ Filipino votes DUTERTE because he is a good man a strong leader and the one will stop and put end all of this…. We 16M+ Filipino citizen trust him to end this poverty ; corruption and drugs in our country… One day Philippines is one of the riches country….Why don’t u mind ur own life ? Why don’t u give ur wealth to those countries really need it? YOU just sit there and watch HOW Our President clean all mess that past administration left to our country by God’s grace and Filipinos determination this administration will SUCCEED…. I won’t let anyone to stoop u down Mr. President Rodrigo Roa Duterte we are always at ur side we are always behind you… This is our fight! You and Filipino citizens will work together to succeed…WE NEED DUTERTE IN OUR COUNTRYFILIPINO PEOPLE LOVES AND TRUST HIM…..To God be all the glory

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