More than 500 thousand surenderees under Oplan Tokhang

According to the report, there are 580,000 drug pushers and users already surrendered to the authorities. It is because of the implementation of the "Oplan Tokhang."

Duterte said that the achievement Oplan Tokhang was due to the PNP's determination and persistent to stifle the illicit medications in this nation.

Amid the said period, the PNP had thumped 223,847 homes of suspected drug users and pushers that brought about 565,806 surrenderees, usage of 427 court orders and capture of another 5,418 drug identities.

PNP likewise executed 207 offenders in different against illicit medication operations. 

As indicated by some investigator, this is the most number of surrenderees in the main month of a President. 

According to one analyst, some drug personalities are reluctant due to fear. “Some of them are just afraid to surrender because of the big fishes that threatening their lives."

Duterte administration would build more rehabilitation center to compensate for the enormous numbers of addicts and to give them a livelihood assistance.

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