Missing Cop’s Body Found Lifeless After Submitting Blotter Against Two Generals

A Cop who had been missing for almost two days was found dead and decomposing Barangay Agus, Lapu-Lapu City.

PO2 Ryan Casiban, 37 was the cop who wrote a blotter pointing the 2 alleged narcogenerals Gen. Garbo and Loot as one of the drug syndicates in the Philippines.

Netizens is still in shock after knowing what happened to the cop.

Before disappearance, he wrote something in the police blotter which read “2:40 a.m. General Garbo and General Loot are drug syndicate of the Phils.”

After leaving the police station, Casiban disappeared mysteriously and on August 3 his dead body was found in a firing range in Lapu Lapu City.

The investigators found his dead body with wounds in his head, his toe nails are also gone signs that the cop may tortured before killed. His service firearm is also recovered in the crime scene.

“I want to write what is justice for all to stop all illegal drugs. God is in me,” Casiban had written, in the police letter.

Netizens plead to the PNP to investigate to give justice to the killed police

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