European leaders to give 9.1 trillion euro to the Philippines

The proposed venture for the fast bullet train system will be soon executed through the assistance of European pioneers, as they guaranteed to give 9.1 trillion euros to our nation. 

This fast bullet train will interface Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao and Filipinos will no more need to ride either boat or plane. 

According to one member of Duterte administration, Ret. Col. Rodrigo Bonifacio said that the fast bullet train system has been proposed by the European pioneers notwithstanding when Duterte is not yet our President but rather, the past administration needs 40% cut that is the reason the undertaking was delayed.

With the great promised of President Duterte, many foreign businessman wanted to invest here in the Philippines, especially now they believed that corruption will ceased.
Here’s the full video of Ret. Col. Rodrigo Bonifacio:

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