Edu Manzano supports to name showbiz personality involved in illegal drugs

Veteran actor Edu Manzano expressed his support in President Rodrigo Duterte’s war against drug and even agreed on releasing names of showbiz personalities who are involved in illegal drugs.

According to Manzano, he is in favor of tagging the names of those involved in drugs but he said that the names should first be valid and verified.

“Hindi puwede yung tsismis-tsismis lang, dapat may ebidensiya, it has been long been established, hindi lang puro lip service. Hard evidence ang pinakaimportante diyan. Kasi alam mo naman itong industriya natin, napaka-maintriga,” Manzano said.

Manzano added that showbiz personalities are a big influence on the youth and said that they should be careful of their names, being supposedly or allegedly tagged in illegal drugs.

Actor Robin Padilla previously said that President Rodrigo Duterte should hold a dialogue between him and the showbiz personalities who are tagged as illegal drug traffickers.

Manzano supported Padilla’s statement and further said: “Ako, para sa akin, hindi ako naniniwala na… dapat ngayon pa lang, sa mga networks pa lang, they should already be dialoguing with their stars.”

He added that would be impossible for the networks not to identify their talents who are involved in drugs. He suggested that networks should include provisions in artist contracts such as drug testing in order to assess their artists.

In 1998, while he was the Makati City vice mayor, Manzano served as the vice president of the Anti-Drug Campaign of the Philippines.

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