Duterte warns mining companies follow rules or close down, "We will survive as a nation without you"

President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday cautioned mining companies to entirely take after more tightly in following the standard guidelines or it will close down.

Duterte said that the country could get by without a mining industry.

"We will survive as a nation without you. Either you follow strictly government standards or you close down." Duterte said.

Some of the mining companies in the 
Philippines have already suspended for inability to follow environmental regulations.

DENR Secretary Regina Lopez promised a week ago to close more operations as open dissensions mount against those creating ecological obliteration after reviewing all mining operations.

Duterte referring to miners, he said "You try to castigate Gina Lopez for being strict, and yet you destroy the land, destroy the soil, and then you get rich." 

He said he can do without the yearly 40 billion Philippine pesos ($852 million) in government income from the mining business. 

Some mining officials say the division is as a rule unjustifiably focused on. 

According to GMA report, the 
president of Global Ferronickel Holdings Inc., Dante Bravo said "The industry is using less than 20,000 hectares out of the 30 million hectares comprising the total land area in the Philippines."

"And we are contributing so much to the national economy and local development. So, I think we should be treated fairly," Bravo added.

The Philippines is the greatest supplier of nickel metal to top consumer China.

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